Headphone Helpers are a product designed by Luke Byrne. The product is aimed at earphone users and is a simple design. Headphone Helpers are made from silicone. with two small loops at the end of the bands. The users earphones slip up through the holes and the band rests comfortably around the back of the neck of the user. This means that when the earphones fall out of your ears, they only fall to a certain height therefore, reducing the effort required to pick them back up! Headphone Helpers come in four different colours: Red, Blue, Black and Purple. The band can be used by runners, walkers, joggers or just earphone users. Headphone Helpers can be used any where on public transport, out on the road or In the gym!


Percentage of people with earphones


Percentage of people with earphones who fall over them


Percentage of people who struggle with earphones

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