“A Clever Fix to All Earphone Problems”
“A New Novel Product that’s a Great Idea”
“A Simple Helpful Product!”
” A Brilliant Innovative Example of the Youth Today”
“​They can be used anywhere on the move and are an essential for all earphone users”

How to Use

​​1.) Place band comfortable around the neck.

2.)Pull earphones through the loops of the band

3.)​Place earphones into ears.
And that’s it! It’s that easy​​​!

Headphone Helpers can be used anywhere. In the Gym, while running walking, jogging, ​cycling, on public transport or just out and about!

The Product:

Headphone Helpers are a simple idea that is used to prevent your earphones from falling to the ground and getting dirty, damaged or tangled around the users legs and tripping them up.
Headphone Helpers is a TY Mini Company set up and run by Luke Byrne a student from Colaiste Craobh Abhann, Creowen, Kilcoole, Co. Wicklow.

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